Flowering Begins in the Clos!

I just returned from Burgundy, and the good news is that flowering started in the Clos this past weekend!   The bad news is that flower cluster formation was reduced this year, probably due to the vines still being shocked from the effects of hail the last three years.   This means that quality will likely be very high, but quantities will again be reduced.  Our vineyard manager, Francis Simon, and his team and have done a superb job of keeping disease pressure in check, so the plants themselves are quite healthy, despite reduced clusters.   Harvest looks like it will be around September 10th this year, but we’ll know more in a couple of weeks.

If you have not already, now is a great time to join our Private Club! We still have Charter Memberships available for shipment in June. Joining now assures you of guaranteed private allocations in future vintages, an important benefit under the challenging conditions we’ve had the last few years. Sign up here.

Thanks again for your support!


Flowering in the Clos
Flowering in the Clos

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