La Belle et la Bête

It is fitting that Beauty and the Beast originated as a French fairytale. While pinot noir and chardonnay certainly are beauties, the life of a farmer in Burgundy is quite the beast.

The 2016 growing season began with winter weather that was relatively warm, and although enjoyable for residents, such weather can be worrisome as the ground freeze can kill off unwanted flora that can threaten the vines. Typically it takes two weeks of consecutive sub-20 degree temperatures to do the trick, but that never happened.

After the mild winter, the spring began as mild and dry, and the vine sap began running earlier than usual. Budding began in early April, but the warm weather came to a screaming halt this past week when temperatures dropped well below 0° C, producing the worst frost in over 30 years.

The effects of frost can vary from vineyard to vineyard, and we are still assessing our damage, but it appears that the quantities for this vintage will be quite small. We will provide updates when we know more.

Image by Aurélien Ibanez

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