Spotlight on Beaune 1er cru Les Reversées (red or white)?

Most Burgundian vineyards are planted exclusively to Pinot noir or Chardonnay.  This makes sense because the soil characteristics that are optimal for red wine production are different than for white.    There are few famous exceptions, most notably in Charlemagne where sections of Grand Cru red have been recently pulled up and planted to white.    And there is a tiny portion of Musigny which is planted white and the Santenots vineyard when planted white is called “Meursault 1er cru Santenots” and when red is labelled “Volnay 1er cru Santenots”

The premier cru Reversées vineyard in Beaune (also spelled Reversés) has been universally planted to Pinot noir until about 20 years ago when the former owner of the DCC parcel ripped up half of his holding and planted it to Chardonnay.  He did this because the high proportion of limestone suggested that the soil might produce a better white wine.    When we took over the vineyard in 2013 we have found the wine to be so popular that we have not been able to keep it in stock!   So this fall we were successful in procuring the second half of the former owner’s parcel.   We will replant this to Chardonnay and will therefore be able to double our production in a few years.   Allen Meadows (a/k/a “Burghound”) has described our 2014 Beaune 1er cru Reversées in this way: “There is a lovely texture to the attractively rich, round and understated middle weight flavors that exude a fine bead of minerality before terminating in a delicious and sneaky long finish.”

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